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Berklee College of Music would tell you that I'm good at this, officially. Allegedly.

It's my speciality, having had headphones on my ears and a microphone in my hand since high school, my journey through the wide world of sound took me from behind the desk at my own high school graduation in 2018 to a self-produced Christmas album, numerous unnamed beats, samples, and scores developed through the Pandemic while being inundated with assignment after assignment of ADR replacements, field recordings, mixing sessions, or zoom midterms.

When things opened up I dug up an opportunity doing front-of-house mixing for a country music bar across the street from Fenway, and through that I dug up another opportunity working as a "Media Services Technician" at Northeastern University.

That job paid my way to move to New York City, where I'm currently located now, working, booking gigs for freelance A/V technician, boom operator , composer, sound designer, and re-recording mixer. Send me an email if you need one of those things. Or if you just want to stop by and say hi.

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